Combination of peer learning and
1-on-1 tutoring

  • 100% Immersive learning environment
  • Contextualized & Game-based curriculum design
  • Enhancing students' motivation by peer learning
  • Instant feedback from AI speech recognition system


72 frequently used vocabularies & 24 common sentences all in 36 classes!

Why the 1-on-1 & Super Group Combo


Helping children to learn more effectively by combining language learning with body language and movements.
Total Physical Response(TPR) teaching method
Real-time in-class interaction with classmates,have fun together, learn together.
Game based curriculum design
Curriculum designed & record by a team of experienced teachers from top Universities all over the world with solid backgroud in liguistic field.
Top Teacher Team
In addition to the 25-minute immersive class, students also get access to videos, flashcards, and workbooks that help them learn in different context and media to consolidate their learning.
A rich variety of learning resources


Q: How many classes are there in each unit?

A: Each unit contains 2 Super Group Class and 1 1-on-1 Live Class, each session's length is 25 minutes.

Q: How to schedule the class?

A: Based on user's choice of timeslots, the system will arrange 2 classes/week for student, it will be a fixed timetable, user can't change the timetable for for the following 36 classes.

Q: Can I cancel the class after scheduled it?

A: Once the class is scheduled, use can not cancel the class.

Q: How long will the learning bundle last for?

A: The learning bundle will remain in your account(start from the day of purchase) for 180 days. As the learning pace is fixed to 2 classes/week, please start scheduling class within 30 days after purchase.

Q:What device can I use to take the class?

A: You can use any laptop/desktop PC with Windows/Mac OS to launch our app for the super group class


Experienced and engaging native teachers

Our recruitment process is highly selective with a 4% acceptance rate. All our teachers are college-educated with an average of 3 years of teaching experience. Our supergroup teachers are the best of the best!

Tested and trusted service team

Facebook rated 4.9
A team that is dedicated to providing the best service to each student.

A technology-driven company

Backed by VIPKid, the leading online English teaching company with over 700,000 student all over the world, we utilize cutting-edge technology to enhance your child’s learning experience.

Limited Edition:

only 500 learning bundles available