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Grasp Chinese phonetic

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Why will your kids love this class?

  • Age-appropriate stories

    The lessons are created using fun age-appropriate stories that portray familiar scenarios to intrigue your children's interests and curiosity.

  • Game-based Pinyin Class

    The game-based, interactive learning activities, will keep children focused and engaged throughout the class.

  • Learn Pinyin

    Learn pinyin when having fun, help children build their confidence and feel accomplished when speaking a second language.

  • Lingo Bus Pinyin concept

    This concept combines 1-on-1 classes, immersion, with our fun & engaging Lingo Bus teachers that can fit into your busy schedules, taught from the comfort of your home.

Why should your kids take this class?

  • Set up a firm foundation for your children's upcoming Chinese learning journey. Inspire their creativity, nurture their interests in Pinyin and Chinese characters.

  • Take care of one of the hardest parts of Chinese speaking - the dreaded tones. See your children speak authentic Mandarin from day one.

  • Easily learn all the pinyin, 200+ common syllables, and how to speak everyday phrases and expressions.

  • Encourage listening, speaking through mimicking, practicing pronunciation, repeat and review in various ways, maximizing the learning results.

Why should your kids take this class

Our Course

The Pinyin class consists of 5 lessons, 25 minutes per lesson,
and full Chinese teaching.

Pinyin Course


QHow many students can take group classes together?


To ensure the best study effect, we suggest 2-4 students take group classes together. They will share the same screen.

Make Chinese learning easier for your kids

Start learning pinyin today.Start Learning Pinyin Today

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