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Why will your child love this course?

  • Age-appropriate stories

    The lessons are created using fun age-appropriate stories that portray familiar scenarios to intrigue your child's interests and curiosity

  • Game-based Pinyin Class

    The game-based, interactive learning activities, will keep children focused and engaged throughout the class.

  • Learn Pinyin

    Cultivate awareness of tones and the Chinese phonetic system, facilitating Chinese learning and in turn gaining more confidence in their language use.

  • Lingo Bus Pinyin concept

    Integrate high-frequency phrases and expressions in classes, letting your child learn daily communication naturally.

Why should your child take this course?

  • Easily learn the 200+ conventional syllable standards in Pinyin, including all the 23 initials and finals, covering over 85 percent of Chinese pronunciations.

  • Take care of one of the hardest parts of Chinese speaking - the dreaded tones. Let your child pronounce authentic Chinese.

  • Sets up a firm foundation for your child's long-term Chinese learning journey. Inspire their creativity, nurture their interests in Pinyin and Chinese characters.

  • Improve listening and speaking skills through various modes of practice to maximize the learning results.

Why should your kids take this class

Our Course

The Pinyin course consists of 8 lessons, 25 minutes per lesson, and full 100% immersion 1-on-1 teaching.

Pinyin Course


QHow long is each class?


There are 8 Pinyin classes in total and each class lasts 25 minutes.

QWho is the Pinyin course suitable for?


Children aged 4-15 years old that have started learning from the major course.

QHow often should my child take the Pinyin course?


To have a better learning outcome, we recommend 2 classes a week and to complete all the classes in 1 month.

QHow to schedule the Pinyin course?


After purchasing the Pinyin course, there will be a new tab on the schedule page and that you may use to schedule Pinyin course classes.

QDoes the Pinyin course have supplementary materials?


Yes, your child can use audiobook and the Pinyin chart to review and practice.

QHow long is the validity period of the Pinyin course?


6 months.

QCan I get a refund for the Pinyin course?


Yes. Within the validity period, you may contact us at to get a refund for the Pinyin course.

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