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Lingo Bus: Easy-to-learn, authentic Chinese

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Taniya Guo
Hello, my name is Taniya Guo. I have been teaching Chinese since 2018. Students and their parents describe me as serious, interesting, and enthusiastic. Each student has different needs, so I use a variety of methods to suit each child. See how much your child can learn! Come and join my Chinese class!
Vivi Qu
My name is Vivi Qu. I graduated with a major in Chinese language and literature, and I began teaching in 2008. Since then, I have taught many foreign students Chinese. I like communicating with children and I can be friends with them easily. I can make Chinese learning fun and interesting! Please come to my class, and enjoy the fun of learning Chinese!
Steve Liu
Hi everyone! My name is Zihe (Steve) Liu. I am so glad to share the joy and happiness of learning and growth with you all on Lingo Bus. I have been teaching since 2007, and have gained a lot of experience and skill through my interactions with students in this time. These help me and my students to enjoy the fun of learning and experience the happiness of growth. I am waiting for you in my classroom!
Seven Huang
My name is Seven Huang. I graduated from Ningxia University in 2006, and I have been in the education field for many years now. I am an optimistic and positive person, and my favorite thing is to have classes with my lovely students. As I majored in education, my goal is to engage my students in learning Chinese in an enjoyable way. I always try my best to make my class interesting and fun!
Zoe Jin
I am Zoe. I graduated from Hebei Normal University. I worked as a literary magazine editor for 7 years, and I began teaching Chinese in 2015. I have gained a lot of experience from teaching, which helped me better stimulate children’s interest in Chinese in a patient and encouraging way. I will make every child love Chinese and feel the charm of Chinese with my enthusiasm and professional skills.
Candice Du
Hello, My name is Candice. I have been teaching Chinese as a foreign language since 2011. I am not only a passionate and engaging Chinese teacher, but also the mother of a 5-year-old child. I come prepared with both professional Chinese experience and a deep knowledge of children. These allow me to help improve their Chinese level and boost their confidence in speaking. I'm looking forward to meeting and becoming good friends!
Moris Shi
My name is Moris (magic stone), and I graduated from Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University. I have been teaching Chinese on Lingo Bus since 2019. I like animations and I also like children. I really enjoy the moments when I bring the magic to my students in class.
Sally Sun
Hello, I'm Sally. I am very happy to teach Chinese to children on Lingo Bus. I have been teaching Chinese since 2019, and it makes me very happy to teach Chinese to children. I hope that more and more children can feel the charm of Chinese with me and experience the joy of learning Chinese.
Lily Liu
Hi! My name is Lily. I have been teaching Chinese since 2018. I can also speak English, Russian, and some Cantonese besides Mandarin. I am a mom of two children, and I love playing and learning new things with them together. I appreciate the opportunities that Lingo Bus offers to me so that I can meet students from all over the world. Please come to my class! Let's learn Chinese together!
Natalia Li
Hello! I am Natalia, your Chinese teacher. I have been working as a certified Chinese teacher since 2015. Apart from English, I also can speak Spanish and Cantonese. I hope all the students who have classes with me enjoy learning Chinese very much! Come and have your Chinese class with Natalia!
Jasper Jiang
I am your best friend Jasper. I started teaching Chinese to foreigners and Chinese-heritage students when I was an undergraduate student, and this was the one of the happiest moments in my life. I hope that I can help you love Chinese and make your learning more interesting. I am waiting for you at "my home"!
Ella Zhao
My name is Ella. I received my master's degree from Guangxi Normal University in 2014. Now I am a teacher of Chinese as a foreign language,and I enjoy working with children very much.
Elsa Zhang
My name is Elsa. I am patient, passionate, and love to laugh. I like children and feel happy when I spend time with them, so I began teaching Chinese in 2016. I like to learn Chinese and enjoy the unique charm of Chinese with my students. I am enthusiastic and high spirited, and I have a great deal of classroom experience. Please come to my class and learn Chinese with me! Let’s learn more about Chinese culture and customs. I believe I will be your best friend!
Leo Li
I began my teaching career working with Chinese children to help them to improve their accents. I have been with Lingo Bus for several years now, and I really enjoy communicating with students from around the world. I hope that all students can have a joyful Mandarin learning experience!
Mia Chen
My name is Mia. I began teaching Chinese in Spain in 2017, and joined Lingo Bus in 2018. I love the lively and joyful classroom atmosphere. I like to see my students laugh when they are learning Chinese. My favorite moments are when students can make jokes in Chinese by themselves. This makes me feel so proud. My dream is that one day I can meet my students in person and chat about our lives in Chinese.
Susan Su
My name is Shan Su. I graduated from Anyang Normal University with a Master’s Degree. In 2008, I taught Chinese to students from elementary school to high school in Thailand. I not only taught them to speak Chinese, but also taught them paper-cutting and Tai-chi. I really like spending time with children because I feel very happy when I spend time with them. I love to laugh and I hope your children can learn Chinese with me and have fun!
Gavin Han
Hi everyone! I am Gavin. I am a passionate and optimistic person. I began teaching Chinese in 2016, and the experience has taught me so much. I enjoy spending time with children and helping them to understand Chinese culture and customs. Come to my class, and let's explore China together!
Harper Zhang
Hello!My name is Harper. I graduated from Renmin University of China, majoring in Chinese International Education. I have been teaching children Chinese on Lingo Bus since 2019. I have a wealth of professional knowledge and teaching experience. Patience and humor are my teaching styles,and I like to listen to the adorable ideas of children. So, kids, hurry up! Get on Lingo Bus with Harper. Let's learn Chinese and feel the unique charm of Chinese culture together!
Ruby Jin
I am Teacher Ruby teacher and I graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University. I have a wealth of experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. I know that language learning is not an easy task, so I will help everyone to make progress together. Come join me in Lingo Bus.
Zachary Chen
My name is Zachary Chen. I graduated with a Master’s in Teaching Chinese, and I have been teaching Chinese since 2015. My students have aged from 4 to 32 years old and have come from around the globe. I once helped my students win the first prize in the 13th Chinese Bridge Competition. I look forward to meeting you! In my teaching, I try to create a casual and fun learning atmosphere. My students learn Chinese in a natural way, with plenty of laughter.
Hi everyone! My name is Yi Zhao. You can call my Yi. I graduated with a Master of Teaching degree from the University of Toronto in Canada, focusing on elementary education. I am also a certified teacher in Ontario, Canada. I have taught students from different countries with diverse language backgrounds since 2017. I like spending my free time cooking and watching Netflix. I’m looking forward to meeting you on Lingo Bus!
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Well-Developed Curriculum

Lingo Bus uses research-based language-learning strategies to design lessons suited for children around the globe.

  • Designed for new beginners to intermediate-level speakers
  • Build vocabulary, proper pronunciation, and common sentence structures
  • Lessons are aligned with YCT and ACTFL standards
  • Students can build conversational skills and listening comprehension
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  • Designed for students with advanced speaking & listening skills
  • Aligned with Chinese primary school standards
  • Build a knowledge of Chinese culture while developing literacy
  • Lessons focus on improving Chinese reading, writing, and thinking skills
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Evidence-based learning cycle
01 Pre-class preview

5-10 minutes of preview

activities: videos, songs, and flashcards

02 1v1 interactive live lesson

25-minute immersive

live lessons with our engaging teachers

03 Post-class review exercises

15-20 minutes

audio story review

Chinese character practice


04 Lesson and Unit Evaluations

5-10 minutes

post-class quizzes and unit assessments

05 Extended learning outside of class

10-25 minutes

learning extensions: e-Library with voice recognition for pronunciation practice

Customer Stories
Lingo Bus is the top choice of students learning Chinese as a second language
We have loved the program and all their teachers. Their Lingo Bus teachers are like honorary members of the family and the kids tell them all their news, like when they lose a tooth. It is so nice to be able to access quality language learning so easily.
My daughter started taking classes rather young. She was desperate to take them because her elder sister did too. Truthfully, my younger daughter was, and still is, rather a handful. The teachers are so good though at holding her attention and redirecting her when needed. She loves playing games and joking around with them. They are her friends! I am so proud of what she has accomplished and how she has learned to not only speak Chinese, but to also pay attention for longer periods of time and interact with her teachers. Thanks for everything, Lingo Bus!
Sereé has been learning Mandarin with Lingo Bus for about 2 years. When Sereé meets Chinese speakers, they are often shocked to hear her speak Chinese. Since learning Chinese, she has made some friends in China with whom she communicates weekly via WeChat. She also has her own YouTube channel, Storytime With Sereé, where she reads books from the Lingo Bus Library.
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